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Extricom LV-2000 for Large Public Venues

Extricomís LV-2000 Wi-Fi solution perfectly addresses the challenges of large public venues.

Extricomís LV-2000 Wi-Fi solution perfectly addresses the challenges of large public venues

Extricomís LV-2000 Wi-Fi solution perfectly addresses the challenges of large public venues. Based on the unique Channel Blanketô architecture, the LV-2000 ensures robust client connectivity, coverage, and throughput without the traditional co-channel interference issues.
Up to 16 access points connected to a single LV-2000 WLAN switch in standalone configuration, and up to 32 access points connected to a pair of LV-2000 WLAN switches in cascade configuration (two LV-2000 switches interconnected). Each access point includes up to three radios, therefore providing up to three channel blankets
An Extricom large venue solution consists of a homogenous spread of access points providing several channel blankets, with each blanket covering the entire venue. In large sites, several LV-2000 WLAN switches can be used, with each switch managing up to three channel blankets (for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands).

Key Benefits

  • Extricomís Wi-Fi for large public venue offers multiple benefits:
  • Unmatched capacity and performance supporting tens of thousands of users
  • No co-channel interferences
  • Efficient deployment without the need for complex cell planning
  • Cost savings, due to the need for less access points compared to other solutions
  • Straightforward placement of access points

The Extricom Difference

Simpler Installation and Maintenance. The Extricom WLAN eliminates complex cell-planning, making installation much easier.  Its easy to use management interface also simplifies system setup and maintenance.

Superior Wireless Connectivity. The Extricom switch receives multiple copies of each client transmission and chooses the best AP to transmit the reply, making the system highly resilient to RF interference and ensuring the highest possible throughput.

Continuous Mobility. Client devices move anywhere within the Extricom Channel Blanket without experiencing inter-AP handoffs, re-authentication or latency, enabling no-handoff mobility for enterprise wireless LANs.

Designed for 802.11n. The 802.11n compliant MultiSeries 500 delivers a smooth migration to 802.11n for enterprises. The Extricom Channel Blanket architecture is a perfect match for the unpredictable coverage patterns of 802.11n APs. In an Extricom system, overlapping coverage from adjacent UltraThin APs is not a problem.

Centralized Access. Extricom switches coordinate media access for all of the connected APs and eliminate co-channel interference, which leads to higher performance and more stable operation under heavy load.

Centralized Power. The Extricom WLAN switch supplies power for all the connected Extricom UltraThin APs through built-in PoE, eliminating the need for AC power at the APs. The MultiSeries 500 supports up to eight Extricom UltraThin APs.

Service Flexibility. Extricomís multi-layer, multi-channel architecture with overlapping Channel Blankets provides physical segregation of wireless clients and applications. Voice clients can be isolated on one channel, data clients on another, and legacy 802.11a/b/g clients can be separated from newer 802.11n clients. This flexible approach translates into much higher throughput, more stable and predictable wireless LAN performance and the ability to offer service level guarantees.



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