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Allied Telesis is a world class leader in delivering IP/Ethernet network solutions to the global marketplace. We create innovative, standards-based IP networks that seamlessly connect you with voice, video and data services.

Why do so many businesses choose Equanet? We are an accredited, accomplished IT solutions partner for organizations all over the UK. From desktop or mobile solutions, network and server infrastructure to virtualization and software licensing, our experts are here to help.  If you simply need access to the very latest technologies, we can do that too.  Our commitment is to deliver cost effective solutions that meet your business needs. 

Cray Valley Communications are a UK based leading Distributor offering a wide variety of secure, IP focused "Best of Breed" solutions. Specialising in Fourth Generation WLAN, Carrier Class RF and FSO backhaul technology, fibre, structured cabling, test equipment, IP door access, IP Environmental monitoring, and ANPR systems. Cray Valley's highly technical, professional and solution focused Product Managers offer a uniquely recognised and invaluable service to their loyal and ever expansive clientele, successfully achieving penetration and integration in all industry verticals.

Web Link: http://www.crayvalleycomms.co.uk

Cohort Technology Ltd is an evolution of the traditional value add distribution model. As the products and technologies present in the UK and European markets emerge and evolve, the need to offer value to both vendors and partners remains a rare constant in our dynamic and rapidly changing environment.

ICON is the UK leader in distributing and supporting VoIP voice mobility wireless infrastructure solutions and compatible Wi-Fi handsets. Working with the world’s leading suppliers of voice mobility solutions ICON has a pedigree in all things wireless. A dedicated technology support team and a highly skilled national network of account managers provide a mixture of remote and on-site assistance for our Channel Partners who install and support Wi-Fi voice mobility solutions.ICON support Channel Partners with one of the broadest range of value added distribution service portfolios available. These highly rated services help Channel Partners  to sell, install and maintain wireless  IP based voice mobility solutions. This service portfolio includes product training for technicians and sales staff as well as technical consultancy and sales development programmes for voice over wireless solutions.

Text: Jusan specializes in the development of value added solutions for telephony systems such as: Call Center & Telemarketing Solutions, Call Recording Systems, IVR with database integration, Call Billing & Analyisis, CTI Applications. Our products are present in more than 40 countries throughout Europe, North Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, where more than 100,000 installations have been made during the last 15 years.

Web Link: http://www.jusan.es
Contact Email: marketing@jusan.es

Good technology planning, integration, installation and servicing are key to reducing costs and avoiding problems. The highly qualified and experienced professionals at Selesta enable us to provide all of these services either directly managing projects or working as part of a team with other companies.

Web Link: http://www.selestanet.com

INTELEK is a Czech Value Added Distributor specializing in networking products, solutions and services. INTELEK was founded in 1993 as wholesaler specialised in connectors, cables, and other connectivity accessories for computer networks, telecommunications and electronics. In recent years, INTELEK has augmented its original component supply business to include offering complete LAN system solutions, as well as technical support and consulting services.

Web Link: http://www.intelek.eu
Contact Email: Jan.Vaculin@intelek.cz

Studerus AG is the General Importer and Value Added Distributor of a broad network technologies product portfolio. Owing to its innovative brands, Studerus AG has ever since its establishment in 1990 become one of the leading network providers in the Swiss IT market. The overall market orientation is being strongly influenced by the latest innovations in wireless LAN, Security, VoIP, xDSL and Fiber Access technologies. Studerus AG provides a comprehensive range of products: The company’s wireless and VoIP solutions as well as their great choice of routers, switches and firewall devices meet all the network needs of small to medium-sized businesses. At Studerus AG, we add value by assisting our resellers with special project support services. Our highly qualified support technicians ensure a high level of services, whilst our great variety of technical trainings gives resellers the know-how they need to successfully implement our solutions.

WiSo provide a wide portfolio of technological solutions, involving communications, system integration, security, applications and professional services. For us, your business concerns are our technological challenge. Going further than provide a product or service, we are ready to take the responsibility of design, implementation, integration, management and preservation of business solutions. Our goal is to take care of all these matters that should not distract you from your main commitment, your customers.
Web Link: www.WiSo.es
Contact Email: HowCanWeHelpYou@WISO.es

TTL Network GmbH , based in Halle, Westphalia, Germany, is the European partner company of the 1,200-employee Total Technologies Ltd., USA. With in-house R&D capabilities and production based in China, the TTL group globally offers a complete product range of electronic connectivity components. The independent operation employs a staff of 20 and caters for the European market, specializing in individual cable sets networks of all types. TTL Network products are used by clients from various industries, among them engineering, medical technology, the electrical industry, finance and logistics.

Herweck is a leading distributor of IT communications hardware and solutions in Germany. The combination of 25 years of experience, a highly qualified team of expert, long-standing staff, sophisticated processes based on our own innovative ideas and market strength, along with the continuous commitment of the management team and both company owners are the key to our success.

Contact E-Mail: mridzewski@herweck.de
Web Link: www.herweck.de

Established in 1992, Mosprominform is a leading distribution and solutions provider operating predominantly within the  B2B and B2G markets throughout Russia. Specialising in the provision of electronic equipment, telecommunication and information systems to the highest government authorities as well as to a variety of commercial enterprises, we work with our clients to develop fully integrated solutions that utilise the most advanced technologies, as well as managing specific software development projects.

Email Contact: info@mosprominform.com

USA, Canada & Latin America

BEAR Data Solutions, a San Francisco based global IT service provider founded with eleven offices throughout the U.S. and around the globe, helps enterprise clients design, optimize, and support mission-critical IT infrastructures. By combining expert engineering resources, best-of-breed technologies, and superior customer service, BEAR Data delivers high-performance IT solutions and services including: cloud computing, virtualization, unified communications, networking, storage, database, security, managed services, wireless, staffing, and support contract management.
Contact Email: sales@bdata.com

Streakwave Wireless is a Global Value Added Distributor with facilities in San Jose, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, and Cincinnati, OH. Streakwave offers a complete line of wireless solutions from top tier manufacturers, including   Point-to-Point backhaul, Point-to-Multipoint systems, and equipment for all other types of wireless and wired network applications. Streakwave primarily serves the Educational, Government, Corporate, Healthcare, Security, and Consumer markets.

CONSULTORES ASOCIADOS EN SEGURIDAD INFORMÁTICA is an organization that has the knowledge and certification of highly trained staff with over ten years experience in the security software and management information systems market.
The purpose of our undertaking  is to do business based on excellent products and excellent service, as we are aware that the strength of companies and institutions now relies on your data, good use of it to assist their managers and users, and how important it is to have it then always safe and easily accessible.


Allied Telesis K.K. are members of the http://www.at-global.com
Allied Telesis Group, a global provider of secure Ethernet/IP access solutions and an industry leader in the deployment of network over copper and fiber access infrastructure. Allied Telesis; switches, routers and media converters enable public and private network operators and service providers of all sizes to deploy scalable, carrier-grade networks for the cost-effective delivery of packet-based voice, video and data services.

Allied Telesis is a world class leader in delivering IP/Ethernet network solutions to the global marketplace. We create innovative, standards-based IP networks that seamlessly connect you with voice, video and data services.”

Marubeni Information Systems (MSYS), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading company introducing advanced technology products in Japan and Asia from all over the world. Their main business is sales, consulting, maintenance/technical servicing and import/export of systems including Electrical devices, Equipments, Network systems and CAD/CAM/CAE systems.