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And why it will save you from the pitfalls of microcell WLAN’s.
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Extricom’s enterprise-grade WLAN product-line has all the components you need to deploy a high-throughput, exceptionally dependable wireless LAN.
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Robust, steady throughput connectivity for a wire-like experience
Wireless connectivity frees key applications from the constraints of a fixed location. It’s essential that your users experience the same reliability and performance from your WLAN as they would expect from your wired network. 

Extricom is all about the “W” in WLAN. Extricom’s purpose-built system provides the dependability of robust wire-like connections – while ensuring reliable, steady throughput for real-time data.

Extricom’s Interference-Free™ WLAN is designed to guarantee data rates and provide a predictable level of service for all users. We do this by maximizing coverage and capacity as complementary, not competing, performance elements.


There’s more to mobility than being wireless.
Staying connected on the move is challenging and interruptions in communications cost time and money. Mobility is what enables your users to maximize their productivity and the company’s bottom-line.

Extricom provides the ability to accelerate your applications from just being “moveable” to truly being “on the move”, enabling you to mobilize your business-critical voice, data, video and location-based applications.

Extricom’s Channel Blanket WLAN is designed to uniquely provide “wireless on the move”: a zero-handoff, high-capacity, wire-like experience anywhere your business wants to go.


Enterprise-class capability, without enterprise complexity.
Many IT departments are stretched with ever-increasing responsibilities. Becoming wireless experts is not a priority. Extricom’s technology absorbs the complexities of wireless, to make wireless easier and more cost-effective than the alternatives.

Extricom provides the wireless know-how and lets your IT staff focus their networking expertise on creating a robust, high-performance network – purpose-built for the enterprise.

Extricom’s UltraThin™ APs require no cell planning, external power, or individual configuration, enabling a truly plug-and-play installation.


Future-proof yourself-your architecture, your applications, your business, and your reputation.
Implementing future network enhancements and applications should not require redesigning or redeploying infrastructure. Maximizing your current existing network investments and improving your ROI from future enhancements is critical.

Extricom enables the mobile applications of today - and tomorrow - on a single network that will not require “forklift” cutover down the road.

Our infrastructure – and your investment – will support any scale and all applications, - now and in the future - without tradeoffs.

Extricom enables the All-Wireless Office today. Voice, data, video, and location services are delivered with an always-on, robust and mobile Wi-Fi connection to any client, in any environment. Powered by its award-winning Channel Blanket™ technology, the Extricom Interference-Free™ WLAN is purpose-built to slash wireless complexity and future-proof your network for tomorrow’s multi-service demands.

Differentiators Why Extricom?

  • Extricom WLAN is purpose-built for the converged, multi-application enterprise – without performance trade-offs.
  • The ideal solution for building large-scale WLAN infrastructure for converged voice (VoWLAN), data, and video, with the dependability and simplicity of a wired network.
  • Easy to deploy and maintain, without the complexities of RF cell planning.
  • Extricom’s award-winning Interference-Free™ Wireless LAN architecture is a leading-edge, proven technology that delivers both seamless mobility and high capacity, with ubiquitous coverage that is not impacted by co-channel interference.
  • Market-unique capabilities such as the Channel BlanketTM, zero-latency mobility, same-band channel layering, and TrueReuseTM produce a wireless network that is as dependable and multi-service capable as the wired network.
  • The only WLAN system enabling disruption-free introduction of maximum-performance 802.11n in the enterprise.
  • Four wireless networks in one – without design backflips
  • The extent of Extricom’s uniqueness is further evidenced by the number and depth of the patents associated with its technology (currently 18 filed patents, 7 granted)

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