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Pervasive WLAN Solution in K-12 Schools

Extricomís WLAN system is ideal for the K-12 environment. Its patented Channel Blanket architecture, allows all access points to transmit on the same channel, offering seamless central management by switch, not by individual AP. The resulting blankets of wireless coverage provide robust, resilient wireless connectivity.

Unique Challenges of Education

Deploying WLAN in the classroom can bring enormous benefits, but there are some distinct technological challenges to this environment:

  • Small school IT departments are called upon to support large numbers of users, so the WLAN solution cannot require time-intensive configuration and administration.
  • Wireless coverage issues are created by schools' sprawling layouts and the need to provide connectivity to multiple users in the confined area of a classroom.
  • Security compliance regulations require separation of student and faculty networks.
  • Uncertain school budget processes require that the deployed WLAN ensure costs are kept low, leverage existing infrastructure, and offer advantages in terms of scale and price.


Administrative Simplicity:

Overstretched IT Administrators operate in a tactical mode to resolve day-to-day operational issues, so their WLAN must feature easy deployment and administration.

Comprehensive Communications:

High standards of reliability are mandatory, to avoid impacting classroom productivity.

Noise Immunity:

Large spanned open spaces with their metal walls and ceilings can be a nightmare for noise sensitive systems. WLAN must be highly noise-immune or the wireless communications will slow to a crawl.

User Security:

Privacy of student information, even testing integrity, is of paramount importance.

High-Density Environment:

In the typical school, large numbers of users need concurrent access to the WLAN, so high capacity without coverage or mobility trade-offs is critical.


Ease of Deployment and Administration:

The Extricom WLAN solution can be put into production within a matter of days by personnel with basic skills, and administration is simple and centralized.

Guaranteed Service:

Only the Extricom WLAN technology can deliver guaranteed levels of connectivity to all users everywhere.

The Lowest Cost of Ownership:

Extricom's solution is deployed and maintained with plug-and-play simplicity. The result is the lowest TCO in the industry.

A Secure Wi-Fi Environment:

Extricom embeds the strongest security available, without sacrificing mobility or performance.

High Throughput and Easily Scalable Infrastructure:

The Extricom Channel Blanket maximizes capacity, throughput, and coverage with APs deployed in high densities that are impossible in traditional cell-based architecturs.

Seamless Mobility

Mobile units can roam without any disruption to the network connection.

Increasing Need for Mobility

More and more schools and students are adopting mobile technology.