Enhancing the Availability of e-Government Applications

Extricomís Interference-Freeô Architecture enables easier WLAN deployment and lower total cost of ownership, while achieving a generational leap in capacity, coverage, seamless mobility and security capability.

Wireless e-Government Applications

  • Direct backend database access - Using WLAN and PDAs, mobile caseworkers, such as public health nurses or building inspectors can access and update backend databases.
  • Customer Service Centers - Officials can directly interact with the public to provide them with services and assistance in public spaces. In the same manner, self-service kiosks enabled by WLAN can vastly improve service delivery and citizen access.
  • Emergency Infrastructure - WLANs can be quickly put in place to provide network access during natural disasters or other emergencies.


Unique Challenges of Government

  • Wide Range of Applications - Must support a wide range of applications on both new and legacy devices.
  • Strict Budget - Implementation and operating costs must meet strict budget guidelines.
  • Physical Barriers - Government facilities can be RF-unfriendly (reinforced concrete) or historic (physical alterations are not permitted).
  • Security Requirements - Security must be absolute to meet strict privacy regulations.


Reliable, Comprehensive Communications:

WLAN must be highly reliable. Otherwise, connectivity issues will directly impact user and organizational productivity.

Cost Effectiveness:

Government budgeting process makes cost-effective wireless lifecycle essential - planning, installation, and maintenance.

User Security:

Stringent privacy regulations means maintaining security of individual information is of primary importance.

Multi-Tenant and Multi-Application Support:

Changing nature of governmental operations requires many uses of Wi-Fi from one infrastructure. A single WLAN system must allow for co-existence of many different users, devices, and applications


Guaranteed Service:

Extricom WLAN technology delivers a guaranteed and consistent data rate throughout the coverage area.

The Lowest Cost of Ownership:

Extricom's solution eliminates the cost of RF cell planning, and is deployed and maintained with plug-and-play simplicity, resulting in 50% lower TCO than competing solutions.

A Secure Wi-Fi Environment:

Extricom embeds the strongest security available, without sacrificing mobility or performance.

Multi-Layer System Ensures No Performance Trade-offs:

Extricom's unique Channel Blanket topology permits the physical separation of 802.11n and 802.11 a/b/g users, devices, and applications, providing each with a dedicated system of their own, resulting in up to 7x higher throughput than mixed 802.11a/b/g/n WLANís.