Enhancing the Guest Experience and Hotel Efficiency with Extricom’s Wireless LAN System

Extricom’s Interference-Free™ Architecture enables seamless WLAN deployment across hotels, offering lower total cost of ownership, while achieving a leap in capacity, coverage, seamless mobility and security.

Wireless Hospitality Applications

  • Guest Broadband public Wifi service - Repeated surveys show that Wi-Fi has become a “must-have” service, topping the wish list of amenities for both business and leisure travelers. 
  • Housekeeping Notifications - Housekeeping is notified via PDA when a room is vacant and ready for turnover.
  • Wireless Work Orders – Facilities personnel with tablet PCs receive and complete work orders wirelessly, and move on to the next assignment without a round trip to the main office.
  • Staff VoIP Communication – Cell phone bills are reduced when hotel staff use voice-over-Wi-Fi handsets or softphones for instant communications from anywhere on the premises.
  • Video Surveillance - Wireless IP cameras enable video surveillance of any location, without the constraints or cost of wiring.

Unique Challenges of Hospitality

  • Interference - RF environments characterized by multiple sources of interference.
  • Number of Users - Many WLAN users in large public spaces can overload the system.
  • Deployment - The need for a rapid, disruption-free deployment that maintains business continuity and ensures the guest experience is not impacted.
  • IT Staffing Constraints -  Hospitality venues have IT staffing constraints, so the solution has to be extremely simple to maintain.


Reliable, Comprehensive Communications:

WLAN must be highly reliable. Otherwise, connectivity outages will directly impact the customer experience.

Support Highly Mobile Workforce:

Solution must meet performance needs of continually mobile employees without roaming and re-authentication issues.

Wire-Like VoWLAN:

VoWLAN is an increasingly critical tool, and must operate flawlessly, with toll-quality audio.

Ease of Use:

Quick installation to meet changing space needs, and the ability to handle a dynamic RF environment are critical.

User Security:

Privacy of customer information is of paramount importance.


Guaranteed Service:

Extricom WLAN technology delivers a guaranteed and consistent data rate throughout the coverage area.

Multi-Layer Channel Blanket:

Unique infrastructure provides maximum bandwidth, mobility, and coverage to each individual employee.

Zero-Latency, Seamless Mobility:

Extricom WLAN is purpose-built for the industry's best voice over WLAN performance.

The Lowest Cost of Ownership:

Extricom's solution eliminates the cost of RF cell planning, and is deployed and maintained with plug-and-play simplicity, resulting in 50% lower TCO than competing solutions.

Secure and Convenient:

Extricom embeds the strongest security available, without sacrificing mobility or performance.