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Large Venues

Ensuring Robust Client Connectivity for High Density Large Venue Environments

Extricom’s WLAN system offers the perfect solution for large venue deployments at open air stadiums, sports and music arenas, convention centers, transportation hubs and malls. Its unique Channel Blanket™ architecture promises continuous and reliable connectivity to great numbers of simultaneous mobile and hand-held device users with unmatched capacity and performance.

Large Venue Applications

  • Sports Venues – These venues offer an enhanced Wi-Fi experience for tens of thousands of simultaneous users and provide connectivity in fluctuating traffic conditions including addressing heavy streaming video demands.

  • Entertainment Arenas – Large music and show venues with tens of thousands of spectators and fans that require perfect Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Expo and Convention Centers – Large indoor facilities consisting of open and partitioned spaces require flexible and continuous mobile coverage.

  • Transportation hubs and malls – Highly crowded  facilities with ever changing visitor population that requires easy to connect and robust Wi-Fi service.

Unique Challenges in Large Venues

There is a growing demand among large venue owners to offer visitors and customers high-performance connectivity in even the most ultra-crowded, large-scale venues. These environments are particularly demanding for WLAN use for a number of reasons:

  • Density -  With at least one client per square meter  large venues require uninterrupted high-quality reception for well over tens of thousands of users, many of whom may operate more than one handheld device simultaneously.
  • Surges In Connectivity Demands – Large venues accommodate fluctuating numbers of users and irregular bursts of Wi-Fi traffic
  • Structure – Structural challenges in large opens venues may include co-channel interference which is not mitigated by walls, reflections due to the use of metal construction, and long distances between access points and mobile devices.
  • Different Stakeholders – Large-Scale Venues are characterized by their different simultaneous users, including visitors, audiences, administrative staff, performers, journalists, organizers, and more.
  • Seamless Mobility – Connectivity must be seamless with many users moving from one area of coverage to another.



High-Density Environment:

WLAN must allow for the co-existence and simultaneity of many different users, devices, and applications

Multi-Tenant and Multi-Application Support:

The changing nature of the venues requires many uses of Wi-Fi from one infrastructure. A single WLAN system may support applications like fan engagement, advertizing & promotions, Streaming and replays, merchandize & M-commerce, gambling and also generic surfing.

Reliable, Comprehensive Communications:

WLAN must be highly reliable, otherwise connectivity outages will directly impact customer experience.

Ease of Use:

Quick and adaptable installation to meet changing uses and partitioning in large open spaces.

Noise Immunity:

Large spanned open spaces with their metal walls and ceilings can be a nightmare for noise sensitive systems. WLAN must be highly noise-immune or the wireless communications will slow to a crawl.

User Security:

Privacy of student information, even testing integrity, is of paramount importance


High Throughput and Easily Scalable Infrastructure:

Extricom’s Channel Blanket™ architecture maximizes capacity, throughput and coverage with access points deployed in high densities impossible in traditional cell-based architectures.

Multi-Layer System with No Performance Trade-offs:

Extricom's unique Channel Blanket topology permits the physical segregation of different users, devices, and applications, providing maximum performance to all without trade-offs - as if they each had a dedicated system of their own.

The Lowest Cost of Ownership:

Extricom's solution is deployed and maintained with plug-and-play simplicity with a reduced quantity of Wi-Fi gear that is required to cover a complete venue. The result is the lowest TCO in the industry.

Accommodating Increasing Mobility Needs:

Extricom’s solutions effortlessly accommodate more users using increasingly more devices.

Guaranteed Service:

Extricom offers the only WLAN technology that can deliver guaranteed levels of connectivity to all users in large venue environments.