Pervasive Wireless LAN in Warehouse Environments

Extricom’s Interference-Free™ Architecture enables seamless WLAN deployment throughout the entire warehouse, overcoming coverage obstacles, such as metal structures, corridors, and changing RF landscape due to movement of goods.

Wireless Logistics Applications

  • RFID/Asset Tracking - Pervasive WLAN is a key component of enabling this revolutionary technology to provide significant gains in inventory management.
  • Supply Chain Management - WLAN is an essential part of responsive and flexible supply chain management to help reduce excess inventory build-up.\
  • Infrastructure Build-outs -  WLANs allow enterprises to quickly expand or modify logistics center space in response to changing operating demands.
  • Communication - Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) promises dramatically improved employee accessibility in large logistics centers. VoWLAN can give personnel access to real-time inventory information, voice communication, instant messaging, and even external data such as inventory at other company warehouses.

Unique Challenges of Logistics

  • Warehouse layout -  with metal structures and corridors restricting coverage.
  • RF conditions change frequently - and drastically, due to movement of goods.
  • Productivity of a highly mobile workforce - can be negatively impacted by roaming and re-authentication issues


Reliable, Comprehensive Communications:

WLAN must be highly reliable. Otherwise, connectivity outages will directly impact the customer experience.

Noise Immunity:

Logistics centers, with their metal walls and ceilings, can be a nightmare for noise sensitive systems. The WLAN must be highly noise-immune or the wireless communications will slow to a crawl.

Support Highly Mobile Workforce:

Solution must meet performance needs of continually mobile employees without roaming and re-authentication issues. 

Wire-Like VoWLAN:

VoWLAN is an increasingly critical tool, and must operate flawlessly, with toll-quality audio.

Ease of Use:

Quick installation to meet changing space needs, and the ability to handle a dynamic RF environment are critical.

User Security:

Privacy of customer information is of paramount importance.


Guaranteed Service:

Extricom WLAN technology delivers a guaranteed and consistent data rate throughout the coverage area.

Best Noise Immunity in the WLAN Industry

The Channel Blanket architecture eliminates cochannel interference. With other systems, RF reflections cause cochannel interference, but the Channel Blanket actually takes advantage of these reflections to fill the coverage gaps in the RF ‘canyons’ between the aisles.

Multi-Layer Channel Blanket:

Unique infrastructure provides maximum bandwidth, mobility, and coverage to each individual employee.

Zero-Latency, Seamless Mobility:

Extricom WLAN is purpose-built for the industry's best voice over Wi-Fi performance.

The Lowest Cost of Ownership:

Extricom's solution eliminates the cost of RF cell planning, (With other solutions, RF cell planning is needed in warehouses not only at project start, but every time the inventory changes significantly). The Channel Blanket is deployed and maintained with plug-and-play simplicity, resulting in 50% lower TCO than competing solutions.

Secure and Convenient:

Extricom embeds the strongest security available, without sacrificing mobility or performance.