Pervasive Wireless LAN in Manufacturing Environments

Extricom’s Interference-Free™ Architecture enables seamless WLAN deployment throughout the entire factory floor, overcoming coverage obstacles, such as large machinery and other metal structures.

Wireless Manufacturing Applications

  • Inventory Control - Barcode readers and other scanning devices can use wireless communication for quality control monitoring and inventory control.
  •  RTLS – Real Time Location Systems can track location of machines, raw materials and finished products using wireless communications.
  • Communication - Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) to provide cost-effective communications between factory floor, back-end offices, and customers.

Unique Challenges of Manufacturing

  • Large obstacles -  Large machinery and other metal structures pose multiple obstacles to wireless signal propagation.
  • Dynamic Environment - The RF environment is constantly changing as production lines are moved around.
  • Wireless Interference - Certain types of machinery such as industrial microwaves can severely impact devices and applications using the 2.4GHz band.
  • Heat and dust -  can inhibit basic system functionality


Reliable, Comprehensive Communications:

WLAN must be highly resilient. Otherwise, connectivity outages will directly impact employee productivity and enterprise profitability.

Support Highly Mobile Workforce:

Solution must meet performance needs of continually mobile employees without roaming and re-authentication issues.

Wire-Like VoWLAN:

VoWLAN is an increasingly critical tool, and must operate flawlessly, with toll-quality calls.

Ease of Use:

Quick, flexible installation to meet changing space needs, and the ability to handle a dynamic RF environment are critical.


Guaranteed Service:

Extricom Channel BlanketTM  technology, with its industry-leading noise immunity, delivers a guaranteed and consistent data rate throughout the coverage area.

Multi-Layer Channel Blanket:

Unique infrastructure provides maximum bandwidth, mobility, and coverage to each individual employee.

Zero-Latency, Seamless Mobility:

Extricom WLAN is purpose-built for the industry's best voice over Wi-Fi performance.

The Lowest Cost of Ownership:

Extricom's solution eliminates the cost of RF cell planning, and is deployed and maintained with plug-and-play simplicity, resulting in 50% lower TCO than competing solutions.