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Delivering Reliable Wi-Fi in Large Public Venues

Extricomís dedicated large public venues solution resolves the technical obstacles, building on years of expertise delivering Wi-Fi in the most challenging environments. Built on top our patented Channel Blanketô technology, our solution provides an interference-free WLAN with wire-like reliability, which eliminates the need for complex cell planning and offers a simple deployment.


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802.11ac and the Channel Blanket

Why 802.11ac is a perfect match for the Channel Blanket but will
be a very difficult challenge for microcell WLANís.
This paper demonstrates how the Extricomís Channel Blanket, offers to maximize the potential of 802.11ac.


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Extricom Enterprise WLAN and the BYOD Challenge

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs have been making a dramatic impact on the workplace over the past two years and will continue doing so in the years to come. In the following WhitePaper, you can learn more on how Extricom Enterprise WLAN and the BYOD Challenge


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Enterprise Wireless LAN and the Broadband Myth

Businesses have an ever-increasing desire to "cut the cord" for voice, data, and video communications, making WLAN a core component of their business strategies. This has fueled demand for pervasive WLAN networks, but it also raises the stakes.


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Voice over WLAN

The convergence of voice and data networks enables new applications and cost reductions, with VoWLAN being a prime example of this trend. There are still a number of factors, however, that have inhibited widespread adoption of this revolutionary technology.


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802.11n for Enterprise Wireless LANs

Enterprises are looking to harness the up to 5X increase in bandwidth promised by the recently ratified 802.11n wireless standard. Integrating 802.11n, however, means taking into consideration some complex technical challenges. This whitepaper provides an overview of the new features in the 802.11n standard, as well as specific technical issues that need to be addressed when implementing it.


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